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For all these Scottish locations enquiries call the office on 0131 467 9054


Monday: Musselburgh and Deans

Tuesday: Blackhall and Armadale

Wednesday: Blackhall and Carnock

Thursday: Bathgate and Lockgelly

Friday After School Clubs: Wardie PS and Longniddry PS

Friday: Livingston and Dunfermline

Saturday: Dunfermline and West Calder

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Colin Woods – for all these club enquiries call COLIN on 07890314156

Monday: South Queensferry

Tuesday: Haddington

Wednesday: Cowdenbeath

Thursday & Saturday: Glenrothes

Friday: East Calder

After School Club: Kirknewton PS


Callum Woods – for all these club enquiries call CALLUM on 0131 467 9054

Monday: Kinross

Tuesday: Dalgety Bay

Wednesday: Craiglockhart

Thursday: Levenmouth

Friday & Saturday: Kirkcaldy


Mark Poole - for all these club enquires call MARV on 0131 467 9054

Monday: Broxburn

Tuesday: Rosyth

Wednesday: Dundee

Thursday: Anstruther

Friday After School Club: Stockbridge PS

Friday: Whitburn

Saturday Morning: Prestonpans

Saturday Midday: Trinity


Clubs in Scotland

Musselburgh 5pm various classes
Broxburn  3.45pm various classes
South Queensferry 4pm various classes
Kinross 4pm various classes
Livingston 4pm various classes
Blackhall  4.15pm various classes
Rosyth 4.45pm various classes
Haddington 4pm various classes
Dalgety Bay  3.30pm various classes
Armadale 4pm various classes
Blackhall  4.15pm various classes
Dundee  4.30pm various classes
Carnock 4pm various classes
Cowdenbeath 3.45pm various classes
Craiglockhart  3.45pm various classes
Bathgate  3.45pm various classes
Anstruther 4pm various classes
Glenrothes 3.45pm various classes
Levenmouth 5pm various classes
Lochgelly 4pm various class
Dunfermline 3.45pm various classes
Livingston 2.45pm various classes
East Calder 2.15pm  various classes
Kirkcaldy  4.30pm various classes
Whitburn 2.45pm various classes
Dunfermline 9am various classes
Prestonpans 9am various classes
Glenrothes  9.15am various classes
Kirkcaldy  9.15am various classes
Trinity 12.30pm various classes
Scottish Private schools
New Park St Leonards    
Scottish local authority schools
Wardie Primary    
Longniddry Primary    
Lundin Mill Primary    
Kirknewton Primary    
Kinghorn Primary    
Stockbridge Primary    

For details for clubs in the Darlington area, please call the office on 0131 467 9054.

For all other clubs, please call Destination@British Judo on 01509 631 671.

  • Acklam
  • Aikido Academy
  • Belmont
  • Billingham
  • Bishop Auckland
  • Bowburn
  • Chester-le-street
  • Cockerton
  • Coulby Newham
  • Dunston
  • Easton
  • Freemans Quay
  • Gateshead Leisure
  • Guisborough
  • Harrowgate Hill
  • Hartlepool
  • Hertfordshire House
  • Hummersknott
  • Ingleby Barwick
  • Low Fell
  • Meadowfield
  • Middlesbrough
  • Morpeth
  • Newton Aycliffe
  • Newton Hall
  • Norton
  • Peterlee
  • Redcar
  • Ryton
  • Sedgefield
  • Spennymoor
  • Thornaby

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English clubs

Belmont 4pm various classes
Cockerton 4pm various classes
Low Fell 4pm various classes
Guisborough 3.45pm various classes
Bowburn 4pm various classes
Newton Aycliffe 4pm various classes
Morpeth 4pm various classes
Ingleby Barwick 4pm various classes
Meadowfield 3.45pm various classes
Harrowgate Hill 4pm various classes
Gateshead Leisure 4pm various classes
Norton 4pm various classes
Freemans Quay 4pm various classes
Hummersknott 4pm various classes
Ryton 4pm various classes
Redcar 4pm various classes
Newton Hall  4pm various classes
Aikido Academy 4pm various classes
Dunston 4pm various classes
Thornaby 4pm various classes
Spennymoor 9am various classes
Sedgefield 1.15pm various classes
Chester le Street 12pm various classes
Birtley 9.30am various classes
Billingham 9.30am various classes

Destination Judo Talent Development Squads

Destination Judo runs a programme for children who want to take their judo to a competitive level. Our squad classes hone children’s fighting skills and prepare them for tournaments and competition at local, regional and national level. All of the children are working on the pathway towards becoming Olympians.

These squad classes are by invitation only, and our coaches are always on the look-out for emerging talent.

In addition to ‘normal’ squads, we also invite our young judoka to a ‘Super Squad’ where all squads come together up to 6 times per year. The Supersquad is delivered at the JudoScotland National Dojo at Ratho, Edinburgh.

We run squad classes across the UK, with around 200 children involved. One of these classes – and one of which we are particularly proud – is girls only. Please note that squad classes are invite only.

Girls Squad Durham
Tuesday Durham County Squad, Durham
Wednesday Edinburgh and East Lothian Squad, Edinburgh
Thursday Fife Squad, Glenrothes
Thursday West Lothian Squad, Bathgate
Friday Darlington Squad, Darlington
Saturday   Fife Squad, Dunfermline
Saturday Fife Squad, Kirkcaldy
Saturday East Lothian Sqaud, Prestonpans
Saturday Gateshead Sqaud, Birtley