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If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Q: At what age can my child start Judo?

A: Your child can start from as young as 5

Q: How does my child move up the belts?

A: Every year, Destination Judo holds 3 gradings that gives all the children the chance to move up through the levels. This is not mandatory it is completely optional and everyone is given the information a month in advance.

Q. How do I go about getting my child a new judo suit?

A: If you need a new Judo suit, speak to your child’s coach and you can order the next size from us.

Q: Can my child start at any point in the year?

A: Yes, all you have to do is contact our main office on 0131 467 9054 to book a free introductory lesson.

Q: Is my child expected to compete in tournaments?

A: No. Destination Judo offers the opportunity to compete in tournaments and in our very own fun day events that we call Rumbles, however this is up to you and your child.

Q. Will my child be with children the same age?

A: Yes, all of our classes are grouped into age groups.

Q. How do I go about paying for my child’s Judo?

A: After your child has had their first free introductory lesson, the coach will give you an enrollment pack and explain how to go about setting up your child’s membership.