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Rosyth Club - Change in Venue (click here for more details)

on Thu, 30/07/2015 - 07:18

From Tuesday 4th August 2015, Destination Judo will be moving to a new venue due to our current centre being unable to accommodate our club anymore. Your child's judo will take place at - 

Parkgate Community Centre, Parkgate, Rosyth, KY11 2JW

With this move also comes a new class structure and times. Our current existing structure consists of 3 sessions. Normally the class times are as follows:

Class 1: 4.00pm      Class 2: 4.45pm      Class 3: 5.30pm

During the summer holiday period, our class structure times are:

Class 1: 4.00pm      Class 2 & 3: 4.45pm

From 4th August with immediate affect upon our relocation to Parkgate, our class structure will consist of 2 sessions (each 45 minutes) with the following start times:

Class 1: 4.45pm     Class 2: 5.30pm

Please see below for which class your child is best suited to attend.

Class 1: 4.45pm
Ronan Anderson
Liam Carr
Sophia Carr
Callum Curran
Charlie Davies
Jonah Kershaw
Dylan King
Isla MacGregor
Willow Richards
Aiden Sharples
Alara Sungu
Ewan Szmitz
Aric Watson
Cole Weir
Brodie Young

Class 2: 5.30pm
Jayden Deas
Josh Elliot
Yasmin Ferguson
Katie Ann Fraser
Callum Gatiens
Samara Irvine
Annie King
Sarah MacLeod
Kyle McKenzie 
Logan McKenzie
Kieran McDonald
Lucy McMaster
Ian Morgan
Kyle Morgan
Owen Osborne
Matthew Scott
Euan Seath
Rebecca Todd
Connor John Young

Destination Judo appreciates your continued support and hopes that everyone has been enjoying the summer holidays

Thank You