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A Wee Poem by a Young Judoka - click here

on Wed, 05/03/2014 - 12:51

Judo is Great, Judo is Fun,

Just Flip Your Partner Over and the Job Gets Done.

We Do a Throw Called Ippon Seoi Nage,

We Always End Up Looking Taggy.

We Fall Down Flat on the Mat,

But Always has to be on Our Back.

There are lots of Different Coloured Belts,

To get Upgraded we do as we're Telt!

There is a Cup for Being Good,

If I don't get it I'll be in a Mood.

My Judo is on a Tuesday night,

We get into Grip and Learn to Fight.

We're in our bare feet, it's really Nifty,

But the Instructors Feet Smell Really Whiffy.

I love to play Jump the River,

If I Fall in I'll Start to Shiver.

Marv is Great, Cameron Too,

Don't Make them Sad, or they'll go Boo Hoo!

It's the End of the Day I'm Really Sad,

But Back Again Next Week, I'm So Glad.


By Amy Melville