Bannockburn Squad: Various ages

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Club Description:

This session, which is held in addition to the weekly classes, is on an invite only basis. The children are identified as being skilled and competitive. This session is dynamic, intense and highly rewarding for the children involved. Ultimately the children in this class are aiming to be the best judoka they can be. It requires them to travel the competitive circuit of the sport. Many of the techniques learned here, are taught on an ambidextrous basis and we typically look at situations that give these children an advantage over their competitors. Repetition and hard work is the order of the day.

Coach Description:

Squad sessions are invite-only and are comprised of the children that have shown interest in competing and learning the more competitive side of judo. This class has lots of Randori (sparring) and Free practice for the Judoka to hone their skills that they have learnt over there Judo career.

Class Address:

Our Lady and St Ninian Church Hall, 52 Quakerfield, Stirling FK7 8HZ

June 15 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:45 (1h)

Bannockburn, Stirling

Euan Hepburn

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