Talent Identification

Generally this is a route to the Dan grades for those not interested in the competing; but not exclusively so – many judoka do both. Once we identify those who are interested and show competence we can put in plans and a program to support them on their journey to their Black belt.  Normally candidates get identified at 16th Mon but it can be later.

Destination Judo Logo
Destination Judo Logo

Incremental development

We begin a learn, assess, test regime walking through all the sections of the technical grading pathway.  Judoka will develop and enhance their knowledge of all the required judo techniques. This includes key points such as: Traditional Form; Breaking Balance; Gripping; Combinations and Counters.


Formal assessments

Promotion is fundamentally based on technical understanding and knowledge.  Crucially it is tested by a senior examiner.  We help support you on that journey.  There are 10 sections to complete over time and we will support you every step of the way.

Destination Judo Logo
Destination Judo Logo

Giving back

We have dedicated classes for our technical pathway and always encourage our technical pathway members to give back to their peers.  There is lots of learning and commitment needed to achieve a technical graded black belt.  The learning is both coach to judoka as well as peer learning.

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