Ability to Deal With Stress and Pressure.

Through sport and the complexity of it, they learn various skills that are very important in life.  Handling stress and pressure is one of them.  In Judo, it is an essential skill that can also help them to cope in adult life.  It can help them to tackle their first job interview better, handle busy times at work, but also make them attack other life challenges with a can-do attitude.

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Sport shows them that there is no success without hard work, dedication, sacrifice and practice.  Through Judo they discover that the more work they put in, the better they become, and the further they go.  It teaches them that commitment in everything they do is fundamental. 


Good Life balance

It is something they discover pretty quickly, and that skill helps them a lot in school and at work.  They learn that the day has only 24h, and each part is significant and they have to “use it” wisely.  There is time for play, time to learn, time to work and time to relax.  It shows them they can achieve more with good structure and planning.  This skill teaches them the right work-life balance for future adulthood.

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Dealing With Competition & Negative Emotions

Children are very competitive little people.  They pretty soon start competing with each other.  They all want to be first in a school line, first to be praised, first to win the competition.  Competitions are even invented for situations where there is no competition.  Judo teaches them how to compete fairly and how to deal with negative emotions from not being the winner.  Losing the game doesn’t mean failure.  In judo this skill is so crucial for their mental health and future life.



Sport shows children they are responsible for their actions and choices.  Judo teaches them they can do things differently, and each decision they make can have different consequences.  They discover they are responsible no matter what path they choose to follow.  It also teaches them sound decision making.

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