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Destination Judo has a long association with charitable events and we regularly volunteer our time and resources.  We have a very special relationship with the Nicola Murray Foundation and Finlay’s Friends and the Harmeny Education Trust.

We also strive to be a part of our wider judo community and encourage all our judoka to volunteer their time as helpers, event assistants, or by pursuing refereeing qualifications.


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Volunteering directly improves our communities but it also allows us to connect with others.  Even helping with the smallest of tasks can make a real difference to you and to those you help.  This could be as simple as helping put the mats away at the end of a competition. Recognising you can help others is a powerful way to grow as a person.


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See our other sections on successful outcomes.  Volunteering is entwined with other benefits to our mental and physical health: self-confidence, social awareness, and a sense of purpose are just a few of the benefits that you get by volunteering.  Susan is the perfect embodiment to that – having sustained an injury that stopped her competing she changed track – she has been a table official, a referee, and a coaching assistant.  She is working towards her Level 1 coaching qualifications and her Black belt – all while getting ready to read Psychology at University!

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