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You will be at a sufficient level of Judo (normally 2nd Kyu or above) and have a general knowledge of sport in general in order to even want to consider coaching as an outlet  We actively monitor our more mature members to see if this is a pathway they would consider.

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Getting qualified

Coaching can start as simply as assisting at various club classes.  If an aptitude is shown we will help you on that journey and give you plenty of opportunity to test yourself along the way.  You need a good knowledge of the Mon and Kyu syllabi and above all else be able to communicate to younger or more inexperienced judoka.



We actively help you get to your BJA level 1 coaching qualification.  From there the decision is yours.  There is ample opportunity to progress your coaching experience with Destination Judo.  We even have our first Junior Partner: Jordan. He started off life as a young judoka with us many years ago, showing natural ability and interest in coaching.  We helped him become a full time coach using the Destination Judo Coaching System and from there he has went on to become a Junior Partner in the business.

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