Sport and physical activity trigger endorphins (hormone of happiness). Children that get into a habit of exercise daily release it every time they are physically active, and it makes them happy instantly. Endorphins play a big part in maintaining good mental health.

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Stress Release and Preventing Depression

Sport and physical activity is a natural way to release stress and negative emotions. When our children are active, their stress level is low, and even if it goes up, they instinctively know how to release it. When they get older, they use sport as a tool that helps them manage stress and negative emotions. The sport also decreases the chance they will suffer depression.


Creates Good habits

Sport creates good life habits. Children that were physically active in their youth tend to stay active throughout their adulthood. Physical activity and sport develop good habits, and the sooner children start the better chance they have that these good habits remain set for life. 

Destination Judo Logo
Destination Judo Logo

Confidence, Communication and Health

As sport and interaction with others boost confidence in children, it also improves communication, skills. Children that stay active or do sport in their youth build their self-esteem, learn teamwork, communicate and interact better with other people and are generally healthier.   

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