Making new friendships and having a support network is important for the judo player and their families.  We encourage and help parents and judoka develop lasting social connections within our very special Judo community.

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Being active

Children that engage in sport at a young age tend to continue to be active later on in life.  Judo helps with physical health and physical literacy.  We encourage our judoka to maintain other exercise and sports.  We want your child to not just learn judo as a sport but to take the habits we help nurture and grow into fit and healthy adults.



Mental wellbeing is a priority for everyone whether children, youths or adults.  Being in the present helps us recognise how to be adaptable and when to make changes.  This helps us as judoka in reducing anxiety and depression, and ultimately leads to successful outcomes for us. 

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Destination Judo Logo

Skill acquisition

You are either growing or regressing.  Learning a new skill improves confidence and self esteem.  Learning Judo allows personal growth and achievement.  Judo has complex movements, all of which are dynamic and against resisting partners.  The sense of achievement is real when improving each new technique.  Continuously seeking to master any of them lets you apply the learning often and keeps you ‘growing’.




Fuelling the body with the proper nutrients helps to keep the body energised and combined with physical activity leads to an overall healthy lifestyle.  There are obvious benefits around improved physical performance and mental well-being as you continue to look after yourself.

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Destination Judo Logo



A complex word for a simple idea.  Knowing how your body works, knowing where our hands, our legs, our feet are in space without having to look.  Making sure we know how much force to use, ensuring that we have good posture and balance are all built into the sport of Judo.  Understanding and knowing how to control your movements not only helps us physically it also greatly aids us in moderating our movements and helps us be calm and focussed.  


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