Sport as an ice-breaker

Sport is a fantastic ice-breaking tool for children.  It makes it so much easier to join a game or a class rather than start a conversation.  Children get to know each other through sports games, obeying the same rules in a safe setting.  They interact with one another ultimately sharing thoughts, experiences and having fun together.

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Teamwork and Trust

Through sport, they learn about themselves, about others, about teamwork and their ability to trust others.  Trust is an important part of friendship.  They learn about their strengths and weaknesses through sport and build trust on that basis.


Time physically spent together.

In judo the time they physically spend together gives them a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other, learn about mutual reactions, abilities and skills.  That time bonds them, creates memories, lets them share victories and disappointments.  It is precisely this that creates long-lasting friendships.

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Destination Judo Logo

Same Passion and Interests.

The same passion and interests connect children the same way as it connects adults.  Sharing the same passion, enjoying the same things, laughing from the same jokes or in this case, succeeding on a similar ground gives children a sense of belonging.  It creates buddies for life!

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