Finding your sport

Sport plays a big part in building your child’s confidence. Finding the one they love and enjoy doing is also significant. If they participate in the sport they like, they stay motivated, continue with it and will keep coming back to train with excitement and joy.

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Improving Physical and Mental Strength

Consistent training in the discipline they enjoy will make them stronger and fitter. That feeling of becoming fitter, progression and improvement build up their physical confidence. Junior Judokas notice very quickly they can do more but also do better if they practice. It boosts self-esteem a lot.  With an improvement in physical strength, their mental health grows as well.


The Importance of Acknowledgement

Coaches and parents influence a child’s confidence. During and after training or competition, coaches highlight not only the wins but also acknowledge effort, improvement in technique, and the ability to handle a tough situation. Positive feedback is incredibly encouraging for young judokas ( and children in general) as they notice through this the positives in their own performance.

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Destination Judo Logo

Reaching Goals

Sport helps them discover that with practice and hard work, they can reach every goal they want as long as they put in effort. With every single goal reached, their confidence is boosted, and they see that everything is possible – even if its not easy or free.

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