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In this section we have a short profile and some fun Q&As, followed by Jordan’s weekly class schedule.

I began judo at the age of 9 with Destination Judo’s Livingston club and my judo coach was Marc Preston.

After 9 years of doing judo with Marc, I became aware of Destination Judo looking for a new apprentice judo coach, So I spoke to Marc about applying for the position and before I knew it I was the newest Destination Judo apprentice coach.

Fast forward to now where I am now – a UKCC level 2 coach, it’s 12 years of doing judo, 3 years of coaching judo, both with the same judo family, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I now have my very own judo clubs through the week that I love coaching including my very own squad class. It’s been quite the journey so far and I look forward to the rest of the journey to come.

Q & A Session with your coach:

What are a few of your Judo highlights?

Ultimate Open Bronze medallist 2011

Falkirk Challenge Bronze Medal 2011

Becoming the first fully qualified Destination Judo coach to have also been a Judoka with Destination Judo.

Favourite sport outside judo?

Football. Without a doubt it’s my favourite sport outside Judo. Just full of drama when watching it ( most of the time ) and a blast to play!


Football- Love playing football! Whether it’s just a kick-about, 5 a side, 7 a side, 11 a side doesn’t matter to me, I love playing football and watching football.

Gaming – Pretty much have every games console you can think of, some don’t work mind you.  I love a bit of both multi-player games and single player games, I’d say I prefer online multi-player games such as FIFA, Rocket League and COD more than anything else though.

Keeping Fit

7 days a week I train sometimes for hours on end…….. to be the best at FIFA.

Favourite charity?

National MS Society- reason being my Mum suffers with MS and it severely impacts her day to day life, even walking up and down stairs takes a huge toll on her and for me, it is extremely important to raise awareness for MS.


I have a black cat named Disney that I love very much along with several fish in a tropical fish tank.

Favourite country?

Scotland- Love everything about this place, best food in the world, best comedians, best football leagues, best judo coaches, the list just keeps going.

Achievements outside of Judo?


My toughest achievement: For those who have played the Guitar Hero games they will know how tough this is. I managed to complete the song Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3 without missing a note on expert difficulty. Nothing tougher in this world!

Favourite Food and drink?

Overall I’d have to say my favourite food is roast chicken, particularly when cooked by myself! Have a roast chicken every single Monday and it’s gorgeous. My favourite drink would have to be Irn-Bru, even after the recipe change it’s still the best.

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