Broxburn Technical: Various ages

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Club Description:

This session is an additional class where the children are bluebelt and above, and have the desire to get to a blackbelt through learning of the Japanese names and ability to perform all techniques to a high standard. The children normally active in this class, are children who are looking at a different pathway of achieving blackbelt – that doesn’t involve competitive fighting. This is a highly technical and absorbing class where the children work in a tight-knit way, over a matter of years to get this award. Much dedication is required but the rewards are there.

Coach Description:

This class is open to those who are 13th Mon and above, and its focus is on what needs to be done to achieve Black Belt

Class Address:

6th West Lothian Broxburn Scout Hall, 49 Station Road, Broxburn, EH52 5QU.

June 3 @ 17:15
17:15 — 18:15 (1h)

Broxburn, West Lothian

Marv Poole

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