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In this section we have a short profile and some fun Q&As, followed by Danny’s weekly class schedule.

Danny Alessandro (aka Dan the Man) started judo at the age of 8. His competitive career lasted throughout his entire childhood and spilled right through his teens and into young adulthood. From a young age he earned black belt status, became a BJA National Champion and represented Team GB at the Cadet European Championships. The main reason for his success as a judoka was the commitment that came from his father, as a result he wanted nothing more than to prove to his father that he was capable of the things that he later went on to achieve.

As time passed he became a father himself and took a step back from the sport. Naturally, his focus turned to his daughter and the parental duties that this involved. Then, almost 7 years later, he was introduced to Marc Preston, the founder of Destination Judo and from there he has never looked back. Here’s what he had to say:

“I remember that meeting like it was yesterday, it not only changed my life, but went on to change the young lives of many children that might otherwise have never taken up this Sport. I was given the tools, and guidance to build a career in coaching young children in a relaxed and fun environment where they would learn Judo, whilst building confidence and making new friends, and alongside my 6 busy Clubs I have an outstanding elite class that are progressing week by week. Alongside side my strong clubs, I have made many friends from colleague’s both past and present to the parents of all my players and I would personally like to take this moment to thank them all for believing in me as my father once did. However, although I have now entered a new realm as a junior partner within the company, this really is just the beginning.”

Q & A Session with your coach:

What are a few of your Judo highlights?

After a successful Gold at the 1999 British Championships, I was selected to represent Team GB at the Cadet European Championships held in Oradea, Romania.

Favourite sport outside judo?

Pool – I’ve always loved watching this game just as much as playing it.


During lockdown I seem to have developed quite an interest in gardening. I’ve since learnt how to kill weeds, cut grass and fill in patches!

Keeping Fit

I like to start my days with some light stretching and 30 press-ups/sit-ups to fire up the body and aim for a 20 minute jog 4 times a week.

Favourite charity?

Destination Judo are big on charities and the impact that they have on the community. All charities that help make a difference are charities that I favour.


I bought my daughter a hamster called Gucci, he’s a shy little fella, only comes out of his little house when he can smell food!

Favourite country?

My favourite country is Japan, through this sport and it’s origins, I feel in some way I owe my life to it.

Achievements outside of Judo?


My toughest achievement outside of Judo is probably the time I completed the Three Peak Challenge in 24 hours to raise money for multiple sclerosis! I climbed Ben Nevis (SCO), Scafell Pike (ENG) and Mount Snowdon (WAL) all within 24 hours. What made it even harder was the torrential rain that was massively reducing visibility that day. Upon completion came a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Favourite Food and drink?

My favourite food is chilli con carne (if cooked right of course) but any type of pasta is right up there with my favourites. Washed down with a nice cold glass of apple juice!!

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