Climbing to Everest Base Camp for Harmeny Education Trust


Climbing to Everest Base Camp for Harmeny Education Trust

Duration: 2.5 weeks

Places Visited: Katmandhu, Sagarmantha, Lukla, Everest Base Camp

Raised: £ 40 000.00.

Team members:  Marc, Alan Sinclair, Ricky Young, Bruce Collie

Harmeny is a school on the outskirts of Edinburgh, an inspirational charity providing residential care and education for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children. They urgently needed to provide improved learning facilities and accommodation and had set up a ‘Learning for Life’ Appeal.   We had been speaking to them anyway about providing judo classes,  and  decided to support their fundraising.    

In 2019 Marc was part of a small team who did a sponsored trek over the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp – a demanding expedition that took over 3 weeks to complete, and required the team to cope with altitude and extremes in temperature.    But, as you can see, they did it! 

Meanwhile the children of Destination Judo also rose to the occasion by undertaking the ‘Neverest Challenge’ – how many judo moves can you do in 3 minutes without stopping to the tune of Queen’s ‘We will rock you’.

And, together we raised over £40,000 for this great charity.

Most Memorable Moments

1. Surviving the landing into Lukla 

 supposed to the most dangerous airport in the world due to the very short landing strip that ends in a sheer rockface

2. Acclimatising in Sagarmantha 

completely new culture and experiences

3. Crossing wobbly bridges

Crossing the world-famous (wobbly) suspension bridges over huge ravines – not for the fainthearted

4. Amazing people 

Meeting the sherpas and hearing their tales – one had summited Mount Everest eight times!

5. Reaching the camp

Reaching base camp on 15th April

6. Talking to Harmeny kids after we came back

Telling our stories to the kids at Harmeny when we came back

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