Christmas Holiday in nearly here. I’m just going to go over a couple of tips that I’ll be doing during the Christmas period and you guys can follow just to help you stay on top of your fitness over the festivities.


    Like everyone, we’re going to be eating more calories than normal. That is how it is, Diet is going out of the window, healthy is going out of the window too but why shouldn’t it.

    I’ll be no different from anyone else. However, what I do is I switch things up during these two / three weeks.

      “Train hard, use your surplus calories, recover well and keep active.”

      So, when I go in to the gym, I usually go for good compound moves.

      • Deadlifts
      • Bench press.
      • Squats (back squat, front squat, lunges). 

      I tend to keep everything nice and heavy to make a good use of the extra calories. Also because we’re going to be closed for two weeks, I have plenty time to recover so I then adding in three or four conditioning sessions, nothing massive. I aim to a circuits between 10 -20 minutes with a kettlebell with body weight. Very similar to what we did during the first lockdown. 

      “Eight hours of sleep is a minimum.”

      If you are still not so sure what to do, you can even go for a run. The run doesn’t have to be 30 minutes long. It can be anything, 5 minutes long or 10 minutes long. Just pick a landmark that’s roughly a mile away from your house. Jogg out there as a warm up and sprint back. 

      Give yourself a couple of these trainings and each time work hard towards beating your time. This way you will work towards making progress and making an effort to be a little bit faster.

      All these small little tips and tricks can help.

      The most important thing is going to be a recovery.

      While you’re not at school, it’s going to be a little bit easier to stay up late! Still, make your effort to squeeze in your 8 hours sleep a night.  Eight hours of sleep is a minimum.

       So, Train hard, use your surplus calories, recover well and keep active.

      Have a Very Merry Christmas and see You all in the New Year.


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