How to Stay Active During Lockdown – Small Tips from A Judo Player


January, 2021

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With gyms looking like they’ll be closed till the end of the month, my go-to workouts will be bodyweight based or running sessions 3-4 times a week.

Furthermore, just because it’s lockdown, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train hard, so to help with that, I’d advise keeping the workouts short but high intensity.

 An example of a workout that I could be doing is:

– 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, 8 times.

With that being 1 set, I’d repeat another 3 times for 4 total working sets.

During each set, I’d recommend alternating between two exercises (4 rounds of each) such as burpees and jumping lunges and try to get as many reps as possible.

“keep the workouts short and sharp”



Category: 81kg

Grade: 1st Dan

Club: Destination Judo @ Glenrothes

Coach: Colin Woods

 Even with running, the workouts don’t have to be long – short and sharp sessions are often best for improving running fitness and burning calories.

A workout I like to do is simply run as far as a I can in 4 mins (the length of a judo match) then rest 1-2 minutes. I’d aim to complete 3-5 sets of 4 mins runs and try to get as far as possible in each set.

“try to always get a healthy meal in everyday”

And even if you end up eating more staying at home dont give up on that. Work towards improving your diet as it should not be neglected.

A good way to keep the diet in check is to have at least one quality, healthy meal a day. This will ensure you get a good boost of quality nutrition, which is a little less calorie dense, before or after indulging in all the treats.

Since most of my calories are likely to come in the evening, I’ll aim to have my usual breakfast of porridge with peanut butter and a banana and then I might include a fruit smoothie as an afternoon snack.

“ensure good rest with a solid nights’ sleep to help stay active during the lockdown”

Of course, along with nutrition and exercise, comes rest and recovery. To be able to get the most out of the workouts, it important to maximise recovery. With no school on and no university commitments for myself, there’s no excuse not to be getting a minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep a night – even if that means making good use of those lie-ins after some late nights.

There it is, keep the workouts short and sharp, try to always get a healthy meal in everyday and ensure good rest with a solid nights’ sleep to help stay active during the lockdown.