It Felt So Good To Be Back!


AUGUST, 2020


Our First Outdoor Classes were Great!

After several months of judo online and not having any real interaction with our young Judoka and their parents or guardians, it was finally time to interact again in our highly anticipated outdoor classes.

The excitement was rife among all preparing to take part from the coaches to the Judoka and even from the parents and guardians. We were all “chomping at the bit” to begin!


With safety our top priority all those taking part had their temperature taken and hands sanitised before we begun our awesome class.  The Judoka, wearing their judo jackets and belts, were split into their specific groups with their very own coach and were paired with their partner who they would be with for the duration of the session!


The sessions begun and the Judoka had smiles on their faces from the get go; everyone finally back in a somewhat normal Judo environment. The joy shone through in the session while doing our technical judo session and of course having a few judo games in their too which were a huge hit since they have not been featured in our online classes.

However all good things must come to an end and it was time to finish the class. The Judoka, coaches and parents or guardians were all incredibly happy with the first session in months where we got to see our judo family again and we are all waiting full of even more excitement for our next time seeing each other in our amazing outdoor judo sessions!

Join Us Again This Weekend! It is going to be even more fun!

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